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Like Darn Father, Like Darn Son

The fruit of Greg Robinson's loin was profiled in today's Post-Standard and for us, it's a chance to pull back the curtain and see what kind of person you become when you grow up Robinson.

Dominic, 28, played football for Washington University (the one in St. Louis) and spent time with SU briefly as a graduate assistant coach. These days he works for the Metropolitan Development Association as "director of the Prospect Hill development project, which is working to develop the economically depressed area surrounding St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center." Sounds noble, double word score there.

But we're not here to praise the choices of Mr. Dominic Robinson, we're here to dissect the minutia of a man's interests based on his father's vocation. Who is this self-proclaimed "former aspiring author" really? I was wary for a while, was this guy really Greg Robinson's son? Could it be that this is all just an elaborate PR stunt meant to elevate Greg in the community as a family man and molder of young people?

It wasn't until we get to Dominic's thoughts on Guinness beer that it all becomes abundantly clear:
"It just tastes so darn good."
Make no mistake, Dominic Robinson is his father's son.

And by the way, he also looks somewhat like Roy from "The Office." So if the whole Prospect Hill re-development thing doesn't work out, he can make some nice coin on the look-alike circuit.