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Last One Sitting 3/10

Every week until the Big East Tournament, TNIAAM is keeping track of who will be the Last Team Sitting. In essence, who will join South Florida, Rutgers and St. John's on the outside looking in when the Big East Tournament ends. Here was last week's standings:

*St. John's (4-9, 10-14)
Seton Hall (5-8, 15-11) 1.0 GB
DePaul (5-7, 10-14) 1.5 GB
Villanova (5-7, 15-9) 1.5 GB

With South Florida and Rutgers' spots outside the BET assured, it was a race for the final two spots last week.

Providence was actually the third-worst team in the BET this time last week and seemed the most likely to end up on the outside looking in. But a shocking win over UConn (coupled with a loss to Villanova) turned out to be enough to keep them alive (barely).

There was also St. John's, who was assumed dead when this experiment started but made a run of things lately. Alas, the Johnnies proved they are who we thought they were, losing to Notre Dame and West Virginia and securing their spot in the Bottom Four.

But they were not the Last Team Sitting. No, that honor belongs to a team whose fall from grace has been nothing short of impressive. The Blue Demons began the Big East season 2-0 and were at one point 5-2. Surely, they were set for a spot in the BET. But that was before a four-game conference losing streak which ended just in time for a five-game losing streak to follow it. A win over Cincy early last week seemed to be just enough to put the Blue Demons over the top, but it wasn't to be. A loss to Pitt sealed their fate as they lost out on the tie-breaker to fellow 6-12 team Providence.

Congrats to the DePaul Blue Demons, you are the LAST TEAM SITTING. May you enjoy your well-earned time off and head start on next year. And the same to you, St. John's, Rutgers and South Florida. If you need us, the rest of us will be in New York City.

(AP Photo/Brian Kersey)