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Jonny Flynn Doesn't Know It's A Show, He Thinks It's A Damn Fight!

Sore back, schmore schmack. Jonny Flynn put it all on the line last night to lead the Orange in a 88-72 win over Maryland in the NIT 2nd round. Just imagine how pumped this guy will get when he plays an actual NCAA game.

Flynn scored 23 along with 7 assists and put SU over the top in a deceivingly close game despite the final score. The lead changed nine times and the game went back forth until the Orange finally pulled away thanks to a 9-0 run with about 12 minutes left in the 2nd half. Arinze Onuaku added 14 points and 14 rebounds, his 10th career double-double. Paul Harris added 19 and Donte Greene added 16. Greene also broke Gerry McNamara's freshman three-point record in the process.

14,768 were on hand for the game but almost all of the players and coaches talked about how it felt like there were 25-30K. So good job, folks. Keep it up. You can find
more quotes and insight over at Axe's wrap-up.

Cuse will play their next game on Tuesday at 7pm and they await the winner of tonight's UMass-Akron game. If you ask Jonny Flynn though, he'd love another shot at the Minutemen:

"Whenever you get a chance to play a team that beat you before, you get that extra motivation, that extra push to go out there and beat them. You don't want to get beat by a team twice, especially on your home court. If it was a road loss it would be a different feeling, but getting beat twice by a team on your home court would be pretty bad. We'll be up for the game and be ready to go out and get a "W".

We'll find out tonight if Jonny and the boys get their shot at redemption. Either way, a win and we're going back to NYC. NIT Fever , people, it's contagious.

(AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli)