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I'm Not Even Mad...I'm Impressed

Syracuse fans have missed the warm embrace of Eric Devendorf ever since he went down earlier this season with a torn A.C.L. We were told that his services would no longer be available to us for the remainder of the season. However, there's a giant loophole in that statement. All they were saying was that Devendorf wasn't going to play for US this season.

As for whether or not he could play for someone else...well..apparently so. At least according to Yahoo!, that is.

Behold the box score for the SU-Marquette game this past Saturday. You'll see that Eric Devendorf was in fact in the lineup that day. He just wasn't in OUR lineup.

How he managed to not only go the entire game on Marquette's bench, in uniform, get into the game and get off a shot without any of us noticing, I'll never know. Maybe we were just so damn distracted by the majesty that is Kristof! to care. Regardless of whatever rules this breaks, and me thinks it breaks a-plenty, we look forward to next year when at least when Eric Devendorf does things that negatively impacts Syracuse, he'll be doing so in an orange uniform.

Tip of the cap to Jeff from We Won't Let You Forget for the screengrab.