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I Guess They Just REALLY Wanted To Work Out

Man, I figured when I wrote this headline it wasn't something that was serious. Turns out, before he even made one play Mikhail is already living up to his dubious surname.

According to the D.O. Sports Blog, SU football players Paul Chiara and Mikhail Marinovich were arrested for criminal mischief in the fourth degree after "allegedly" breaking into the Manley Field House equipment room on Sunday. No word on if they took anything or what the purpose of the visit was but they "allegedly" broke a rolling metal gate to get in. All this trouble just to do some extra squat thrusts?

True to form, Greg Robinson was quick to respond with a statement probably prepared by DOCTOR Gross:
"We are gathering all of the information and we will handle the matter appropriately internally.
Both gents were given a ticket requiring them to appear in criminal court but no further info seems to be available right now. The worst part about all of this? The charge is a misdemeanor so sadly it's not even good enough to get Syracuse some Fulmer Cup points.