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Guess Who's Back?...Back Again...

The Syracuse radio airwaves from 3-6pm just got a little Brent Axe-ier. Straight from the man himself, Axe announced today that he's returning to the airwaves sometime in Mid-April. "On the Block with Brent Axe" will air weekdays from 3-6 p.m. on ESPN Radio 1260 in Syracuse. The even better news for those of us nowhere near the Greater Syracuse area, the show will be broadcast online through the station website. So what kind of show will it be?
My goal is to make the show a fun listen for you with high energy, strong opinions, and to be as interactive as possible.
In other words...Fart jokes. Lots and lots of fart jokes.

Of course, this puts Axe in near direct competition with
Bud and the Manchild over on 620 WHEN. It remains to be seen if a bevy of creepy YouTube videos and a website saturated in NSFW images will be enough to keep up with the new/old kid in town.

By the way, how many times have you watched that video above? I'm on #7. It's hypnotic.