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ESPN Unmoved By Greg Robinson's Feelings On The Future

When some stupid blog like Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician, clearly run by a loser who lives in his parent's basement and blogs in his unkempt underwear, says that Greg Robinson needs to be fired, that's one thing. It's easy to dismiss the rantings of this jerk, a clearly handsome jerk at that, but a jerk nonetheless.

But what do you do when ESPN starts calling for his head?

Via The
D.O. Sports Blog, I see that ESPN's early pre-season notes for the Big East contain some non-too-thinly-veiled thoughts on how the Orange can best improve this season:

What we know: After winning just two games last season and only seven total in his first three years, coach Greg Robinson needs a miracle season to save his job.
What we don't know:
How on earth the Orange can dramatically and quickly improve upon their 2007 rankings in total offense (No. 114) and total defense (No. 111).
How the Orange can win the Big East:
Start with a coaching change.

Unfortunately, it's not that easy. Let's face it, if Greg Robinson goes 5-7 season this year he still probably keeps his job based on "improvement." But, ESPN, the thoughts are appreciated...