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Don'te Make Promises You Can'te Keep

"If I’m not the No. 1 pick or top-five guaranteed, I’m definitely coming back."
-Donte Greene

In other words, WELCOME BACK DONTE!

Via the D.O. Sports Blog, that's a quote from Donte to the NY Times recently about his future. As I've said before, SU fans are in a strange space with Greene, openly rooting for him to do as well as possible without doing well enough that he's considered a lottery pick by NBA scouts. It's the "My favorite NFL team vs. My Fantasy Football QB" dilemma.

Of course, don't take this as a guarantee. What if the "experts" start discussing his tremendous upside potential how "long" he is and all of a sudden people are talking about Donte in the first round again? Does he decide to roll the dice after all? I'd call it a 75/25 bet that he'll be back but don't go throwing out that Don'te Leave shirt just yet.

One thing I'd like to put the kibosh on if and when Donte does come back...the correct spelling of his last name. It's Greene. Not Green. Greene. Learn it. Live it. Love it. Know it. (I'm even talking to you, Post-Standard)