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Demetris Nichols Is A Renter

Hopefully, Demetris Nichols and Darryl Watkins enjoyed their reunion because it was a quick one. Nichols was recalled by the Bulls after about two weeks in Iowa. Demetris lit it up in the NBDL, averaging 21.2 ppg and 4.4 rpg in five games.

For those keeping score, let's recap Demetris' wild ride so far this year:

1. Drafted by Portland

2. Traded on draft day to New York.

3. Released by Knicks before the season.

4. Signed by Cleveland.

5. Released by the Cavaliers.

6. Signed by Chicago.

7. Sent to the Iowa Energy of the NBDL

8. Recalled by Chicago.
9. Sent back to Iowa

10. Recalled by Chicago.

It must be beyond frustrating. He's in each place just long enough to find a good dry cleaner and then...gone.