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Someone Needs A Better Understanding Of Automatic Bids

ESPN writer and Villanova enthusiast Dana O'Neil hasn't exactly endeared herself to Syracuse fans in the past. It's not her personality, mind you, inasmuch as it's her stunning lack of knowledge about the things she says about SU.

Take for instance her Scottie Reynolds piece you can find on ESPN today. Props to Reynolds for his work today and all season long. But in discussing today's match-up between Reynold's Wildcats and Syracuse, O'Neil makes a strange statement regarding the recent past of the Syracuse Orange:
In what was essentially an elimination game, Syracuse blinked, and for the first time since 2002, the Orange won't be sweating Selection Sunday. Barring a stunning development out of the Indianapolis-sequestered basketball jury, Syracuse is going to the NIT.
Is Dana implying that we've been on the bubble every year since 2002? Including the year we were a three seed and won a NATIONAL TITLE? Including the year we went to the Sweet Sixteen as a five seed? Including the years we received automatic bids by winning the Big East Tournament?

Cause that just really only leaves last year as a time since 2002 that we've sweated out Selection Sunday. Otherwise, great point!

3/13 - Ed Note: On an ESPN chat today, O'Neil kinda/sorta clarified the comment:

Otto (Syracuse, NY): Dana, You owe me and all the Syracuse fans an apology (but I doubt you will admit your just wrong). You said the Cuse has been wondering about their fate on selection sunday for every year going back to 2003. In 2003 they were a 4 seed, the next year a 5. The two other years they had Automatic bids. Care to defend yourself?

Dana O'Neil: (1:15 PM ET ) otto: thank you i do. that line was misinterpreted or poorly written on my part. meant that in terms of when they weren't lock, when they were on the bubble sweating.

Misinterpreted? Didn't she just confirm that what she said was completely wrong...or is it me? Cause the last time they were not a lock and/or sweating before last year, it was 2002.