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Clearly State-d

Apparently there's more to Hobart College than being the place that Donald R. DeCicco went to school before meeting his wife on a trip to Greece. They also play lacrosse. Lucky for us, not as well as we do.

The SU men's lax team beat the Hobart Statesmen 13-5 yesterday thanks to (who else) Mike Leveille who scored (what else) four points. Leveille also scored his 100th career goal in the process. The #2 Orange improve to 6-1 while Hobart drops to 3-4.

In yet another sign that the old times are back, goalie John Galloway made 14 saves and helped make it the second straight game the Orange held its opponent to five or fewer goals, the first time that's happened since April 2000.

SU returns home for a showdown with #18 Loyola (4-3) this Saturday.