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Checking In With The Only Brackets That Matter

Sure the NCAA Tournament begins tomorrow, but savvy bracketeers have already begun their march towards personal glory. That is, assuming they entered Cuse Country's NIT Bracket Challenge.

The results for Day One are in and there's quite logjam already. One day gone and already only one player has any chance of picking every game correctly, whatever those odds are, so nice work to 'scooter2524j'. May your reign be short-lived.

I'm stuck in 7-Winsville for now, not too shabby. My only misstep? Rhode Island, who lost to Creighton last night. My even bigger misstep? Putting Rhode Island in the Final Four. Yikes. Otherwise, I live to fight another day, even calling the Akron-FSU upset correctly. Suck on that.

Look of shame goes to ' Yankee301' who is the lone person to pick only 3 games correctly so far. Couldn't have happened to a better-named user.

Speaking of names, I just had to include my Top 5 favorite names of those entered. Good work all around folks.

5. P Harris is Endowed (speaking from experience?)

4. Glass Case of Emotion (The NIT was a bad choice...)

3. Richard Simmons’ Best Friend, Richard Simmons (It's funny cause it's true)

2. Don’te-you-wish-it-was-November-already? (Yes. Yes I do.)
1. Robert Washington and the Cheesesteaks (natch)

Good luck tonight to all and Go Charlotte!

(AP Photo/Paul Battaglia)