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Call Him Fruit # 9

Josh over at Cuse Country attended the SU-Maryland game last night and snapped a couple photos worth checking out. None more so than a photo of a woman sucking off Otto in front of the entire crowd. No, really...

Josh fills in the details:
Yes, that is a straw. Otto is being sucked dry by a female fan in the front row. The routine goes, Otto trots up and down the sideline looking for a fan willing to perform the act. Then he whips out his straw, plunges it into his side and offers himself to the fan. The fan then gleefully sucks on Otto while he writhes in ecstasy, eventually collapsing on the floor in front of the fan, exhausted and with juices spent. Draw your own conclusions. Please.
Why do I get the feeling this is only the beginning? I'm all for spicing things up at the Dome and I much prefer a little sex appeal over kid-friendly Anti-Gravity antics but even I have to draw the line at public fruit fellatio. Are the Spitzer Girl Dancers far behind?

No seriously, I'm asking...cause I'd like to see that.

(Photo: Cuse Country)