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Bracket Bemusing

Some musings and thoughts as I look over the brackets...
  • Just in case you were looking for a little more lemon juice to pour in the wound, all three two of Syracuse's 2007 NIT opponents are in the NCAA tourney this year (South Alabama, San Diego and Clemson). (Actually only two. We played SD State last year, not San Diego.)
  • If North Carolina doesn't make the Final Four, they should be banned for five years. Not only do they never leave the state of North Carolina but they're likely looking at the easiest match-ups of any #1 seed out there. It's good to be the king.
  • Then again Memphis got a nice road as well.
  • Loving the 8-team Big East draw. Everywhere you turn you have to play a Big East team. If they can all at least get out of the first round it'll be very nice. Then again, what are the chances...
  • Kentucky as an #11. Just looks weird.
  • A few SU opponents in the tourney. Besides all the Big East teams (G'town, L'ville, Pitt, ND, 'Nova, Marquette, WVU, UConn) there's also Cornell (SU won), St. Joe's (SU won). Cornell has an especially winnable game against Stanford imo.
  • No way Kansas makes it out of that bracket. Georgetown, Clemson, Wisconsin, Vandy...Just not happening.
  • My out-of-the-gate, apropos-of-nothing, sure-to-be-tweaked Final Four? UCLA, Memphis. Louisville, Wisconsin. UCLA beats Wisconsin for the title. I think things may change but UCLA is going to be my team to beat. They've got that extra bit of something (some would say luck, others cheating) going for them this season.
  • Couple juicy 2nd round possibilities...Pitt-Temple in a Pennsylvania showdown. UNC-Indiana...didn't they play in the Final Four at some point? Duke-West Virginia, God that feels winnable for the 'Neers. Drake-UConn...purity vs. depravity.