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Boeheim's Secretary is Named Williams and Williams' Secretary Is Named Boeheim

Over at Deadspin this morning, a horrifying vision of the future was unleashed upon the planet.

In the post-apocalyptic world, when universities throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic merge with multi-national corporations and compete against each other in seemingly-friendly contests that are a mix between basketball, MMA fighting and fly fishing (Ultimate Flyball?) that are actually there to lull the populace into a false sense of security while the government supplants humanities' basic rights with the bloodlust that can only be sated through vicious competition, the university-corporations will need to provide some familiar faces in the arena to make the revelers feel normal, even if for a brief while. Thanks to advances in cybernetics and cryogenics, they will unleash a furious, curmudgeony beast the likes of which the world has never seen before.

They will bring you... WILLHEIM!


Actually the Deadspin article (courtesy of Storming the Floor's Eric Angevine) is a pretty interesting comparison of the Maryland and Syracuse basketball programs post-National Championship and how similar our paths have been. When we play each other in the NIT this season, both coaches will have some things in common, which should make for pleasant pre-game chit chat.