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Bing The Pain

A Syracuse men's lacrosse game decided by more than 1 point? We can still do that???

The Orange opened their game against Binghamton with six straight goals on their way to cruising to
a 16-2 win on Saturday. The Orange led 7-1 at the half and never looked back. Mike Leveille (who else?) led the Orange with four goals.

#3 Syracuse is now 5-1, a marked improvement over last season when they were 3-3 at this point. While we've come to expect these kinds of games again from SU, there still hasn't been a defensive display like this one in quite some time:
The two goals were the fewest an SU team has allowed since April 29, 1989, when the Orange defeated Pennsylvania 22-1.
No rest for the weary as the Orange now prepare to visit 3-3 Hobart on Tuesday. The Statesmen are coming off a 13-10 loss to Rutgers. They're also coming off an entire existence with one of the least intimidating mascots of all time. Second only to Syracuse. Get a full recap and box score of the game here.

I'm sure Orange44 will do a big lacrosse wrap-up on Monday or Tuesday (especially because I've now guilted him into doing it now) but it's worth noting the men's lax world is in upheaval after Georgetown beat #1 Duke and Virginia handed Hopkins it's third-straight OT loss. Expect the Orange to move up to #2 in the nation behind the Cavaliers (who we should all remember only beat the Orange by 1 in OT).

(Photo: Inside Lacrosse)