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Because If There's Anything SU Football Needs, It's More Instability

We're a week away from spring football practice, can you believe it? It's like each disappointing athletic season just seamlessly rolls into the next.

But this is a new dawn...a new day...right? This is our Goonies' year... "Down here it's our time." Hope springs eternal and we can spend the spring focusing on the positives from last season (what few their were) and the goodwill garnered by a solid incoming class. It's a chance for new faces to state their case that they belong on the field just as much as the vets. A chance for those who have already been there to step up their play in the face of competition.

That is, except for Andrew Robinson of course. While his stats weren't
magical (2,192 yards, 13 TDs, 7 INTs), he certainly proved that when given protection and time he can adequately handle the responsibilities of starting quarterback for SU. He's built up a familiarity with Mike Williams, a duo that is on pace to break all sorts of school records together. And he's still growing and learning so he'll only get better and better with every game he plays. The main thing now is to instill in him the confidence that he's the man for the Orange and the leader whom we shall all rally around.

Nuts to that, says Greg Robinson.
"Andrew will walk in as the first guy in the huddle," Robinson said. "The other guys will take the reps and they'll get a chance to show what they can do. Time will tell (if they can push or takeover for ARob). I think they all think they're ready to make their mark."
I will now proceed to punch myself in the face until I pass out.