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Appeal-ing Information 3/18

Every time updates it's Orange Appeal section, we take a closer look to determine what this random sampling really says about the SU athlete, and to a larger extent, society.

Best invention since sliced bread? Soccer? Are we talking about the round thing that gets kicked or the actual game itself? I don't think you can count an athletic concept as an "invention," can you? Luis, you're coming off a little bit like Matt Damon in Team America on this one...

Favorite fruit? Luis redeems himself as the only member of this panel with a little f***ing school spirit. Spew some extra special venom at Breanna Stiff (teeheehee) for loving peaches...which come from Georgia...who kept us out of the NCAA Tournament. BOOOO!!!

Funniest person on your team? Mike MacDonald? Wow...never would have guessed it. And I didn't know he was so handy with a lacrosse stick. Or eligible.