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All Good Syracuse Alums Go To Iowa

When Darryl Watkins signed with the NBDL's L.A. D-Fenders a few months back, I made it my business to call up their PR office, make it to a game and interview Watkins at a game in the near future. It just happened to work out that the best chance to this to happen was Sunday, March 2nd.

Naturally, I forgot all about it.

So I thought maybe I'd just head on over to the D-Fenders game tomorrow anyway and see what I can finagle so I went to their website to check out the schedule. Everything checked out and I was excited to see some semi-pro basketball when it occurred to me that I should probably double-check to make sure Watkins was still there.

He's not. And he hasn't been for a long time.

Watkins was traded to the Iowa Energy back on February 7th. Quite a change in scenery, I'm sure. From Sunset Strip to guys on tractors that strip at sunset. But if times have been tough for Darryl, they're about to get a little less tough. Demetris Nichols is coming back to town for a reunion with his SU teammate.

It's been a helluva season for both players, who have been associated with 7 different teams in the span of 11 months between them. At least for a little while, may they find comfort in each other's company. But not THAT kind of's Iowa. That kind of thing ain't looked kindly on in these parts.

The Energy play LA this upcoming Friday but the game's 5:30 start might be just a tad too early for me. We'll see if I can swing it and chat with the boys anyway (if you know anything about LA traffic, chances are slim).

Speaking of the NBDL, you may remember when Gerry McNamara was a member of the Bakersfield Jam. He lost a considerable amount of playing time when Mateen Cleaves joined the team and McNamara moved on. So did Cleaves. McNamara is now doing it up in swinging Latvia. As for Cleaves? He's
back in Bakersfield. Good luck with that, Mateen.