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Your Ad Here: Big East

Inspired by this feature about what ads baseball teams would put on their uniforms once it inevitablly happens, I decided to take a look at what Big East schools will be doing when the time comes to monetize their uniforms. Obviously, being a financial consideration, it's something that's going to happen in football first, so let's look at those schools and see which advertiser matches their audience best:

Team: UConn Huskies

AAA Bail Bonds

Analysis: It's bonus since not only are you reaching an audience full of degenerates but you're literally branding yourself onto your future customers. Talk about market penetration!

Team: South Florida Bulls

The Law Offices of Barry Wood

Analysis: Need to get out of jail? Call Barry R. Lewis. Need to get those charges dropped? Call Barry R. Lewis. Need a divorce? Call Barry R. Lewis. Barry R. Lewis is here to get justice for YOU!

Team: Cincinnati Bearcats

Brian Kelly's Agent
Analysis: What better opportunity to advertise his client to his imminent new employer than on the shoulder pads on the football team Kelly is currently waiting to leapfrog from? Double bonus if his agent can scrounge up a few more bucks to start the Bowl in time for December.

Team: Pittsburgh Panthers

: Sandahl's Lucky Tigers Mustache Wax

Analysis: Your local audience is already a key demo. The men, too. And you'd be crazy not to line up Wannstedt with a spokesman and publicity tour during the season.

Team: West Virginia Mountaineers

Natural Light

Analysis: Duh.

Team: Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Three Brothers Pizza & Subs

You got a problem with it? Didn't think so. Plus, each week you can switch up the decal. This week it's a capicola and salami sub. Next week, meatball parm.

Team: Louisville Cardinals

Pizza Hut

Analysis: The ultimate F U to Papa John's

Team: Syracuse Orange

DOCTOR Gross Presents...

Analysis: It's all about branding, baby, and Syracuse sports = Daryl Gross. If you didn't know, now you now. Plus, I bet he can get a killer deal from the athletic department.