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Yes But Will The WGA Strike Affect The Awards Show?

The College Football Blog Awards 2008 nominations have been announced! Check out the nominees which have been spread out across a few different sites. EDSBS, MGoBlog, Dawg Sports, Burnt Orange Nation and Rocky Top Talk.

I know we're just talking about the right to put a jpeg on your website but I'm glad someone's enjoying this site other than my college roommates and mother (who, honestly, could do without the salty language). To anyone who vote for TNIAAM, your check is in the mail.*

Congrats go out to fellow Big East bloggers Card Chronicle, Pitt Blather, Rakes of Mallow and West By God Virginia for their noms. The voting process hasn't begun yet but keep your eye transfixed on EDSBS to see when and how you can vote for your favorite blogs.