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World, David Tyree. David Tyree, World.

First of all...SERIOUSLY??? As a Giants fan, I am shocked. I am in deep shock. I am of the state that pertains to one's being of a shocked nature. What a game for Giants fans.

And what a game for David Tyree!

Earlier in the week I got an email from Scott who was at Media Day. He said that at best, a handful of people spoke to Tyree all day. And why would they? The Cuse grad has basically been a special teams player all season. As a gesture of goodwill, Scott took Tyree's photo. He sent the photo to me to post it and even I thought it wasn't really worthwhile to mention.

Well David, consider this post a make-up call.

Tyree introduced himself to the world last night (and possibly even to some Giants fans) with not only a Super Bowl TD but one of the greatest catches in the history of professional football. You know it was a big deal when it's already up on your Wikipedia page the next day. If Tyree makes that one circus grab on the final drive for a first down, we might have even been talking about him as Super Bowl MVP. But I'm sure David will take the results as they are.

That catch (which I'm sure will be officially named at some point in the next 24 hours) could have gone wrong in about 47 different ways, and that's even before Eli Manning threw it. Now Tyree goes from a guy who no one wanted to talk to on Media Day to a member of Super Bowl lore adored by Giant fans for the rest of his life.

Tyree finished with three catches for 43 yards receiving and one touchdown. How impressive is his performance in this game?
He had totaled five catches, 40 yards and zero TDs all season...In fact, Tyree did not catch a single pass until December. Until then, his biggest value came on special teams with 10 tackles.
Can Tyree cash in on this? Let's hope so and let's hope he does so as a Giant for a few more years. There's gotta be some endorsement deals waiting for him this morning. Hopefully, however he parlays this he continues to do so as a Giant as well.

(Photos: Lucy Nicholson & Shaun Best/Reuters)