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Women Be Ballin'...Can't Stop A Woman From Ballin'...

I'm a little late getting to it but there's a lot going with the ladies that needs discussin'. After a gutty 70-67 win over Marquette on Sunday, the Orange remained in the Top 25, moving up to #21 in the AP (#23 in the Coaches Poll).

The Orange can thank Erica Morrow for putting them back on victory road. She led them with a career-high 24 points that also earned her Big East Freshman of the Week honors. It's her second time this year to get the award in a season where she is averaging 12.0 points and a team-best 3.9 assists per outing.

So where oh where does she find the time to blog? That's right, according to SUAthletics, Erica is a member of "BlogNation" (which reminds me, I'm hosting this week's BlogNation get-together. We're serving finger sandwiches and Earl Grey. Bring your copy of Ethan Frome for a reading and critique). Oddly though, SUAthletics has removed the official link to the story...apparently the blog must be too hot to handle. Chock full of seedy behind-the-scene trysts and secret affairs of the heart that the university bigwigs can't be privy to?

Not really. Erica mostly just recaps each game and talk about how hard the team is working. Nothing wrong with that, it's just...strange...the way SUAthletics is handling. What else is new?

The Orange head to Seton Hall on Wednesday (or as SUAthletics put it, Seton hall). The Pirates should be an easy win for the Orange, but then again the last time I said that they lost to Georgetown.

Oh and for those worried the Orange are just a one-year-wonder, you don't have to look very far into the future. Just look to Tyler Ash, who will likely play for the Orange next year as a freshman.