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Where Have You Gone, Josh Pace?

Despite the SU basketball team's shortcomings this season, it's best not to overreact. Sure, the Orange are planted firmly on the bubble and probably a Georgetown-loss away from slipping off on that, but it takes a real fan to look at things long-term, see where these guys are developing and how they can take losses such as the South Florida one and build on it.

Or I guess you can call them heartless weirdos:
The Syracuse Orangemen, former winners of the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship has stooped down to a lousy team of inexperienced kids, WHO- during a crucial time in the BIG EAST conference, managed to lose their lead against USF and never caught up in time to win the game. Yes my friends, Syracuse Orangemen lost against USF last night, which until this point, was thought to be the worst team in the conference. In my opinion, Syracuse takes over that title; it has been handed down...Revoke their scholarships!
The good news is that this blogger shares the overriding hope that next year will be better. That is, of course, assuming that "Dante" Greene and Eric "Devandorf" are both back.