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Well Hello There Boys...

Ah, National Letter of Intent Day. Must you only come but once a year? The chance to size up young men from all around the country, prod and poke them to see what makes them tick and find out which ones you'll be spending the next four years cozying up to. There isn't an opportunity like this outside of gay porn and internet chatrooms. It's like "To Catch A Predator" except when we show up with a six-pack of wine coolers and some lube, Chris Hansen grabs a bottle and starts drinking with us.

Alright, so who are these rapscallions making such a fuss today? And why the hell do they want to put on orange uniforms and invest their futures in this man? Let's take a closer look at those who bring with them such great potential before it's beaten out of them by SU, the NCAA, overzealous fans and Scoop Jardine's cousin constantly hitting them up for cheesest
eak money. The four-star recruits:

Name: Averin Collier
Hometown: Churchville, NY
Position: ATH (RB, WR, CB)
Recruiting Note: Collier is considered the #1 recruit out of NY State and SU's best "on-paper" recruit since 1998.
Unique Nugget of Information:According to his MySpace page, Collier's nickname is "Superman" and he is "a cool ass dude if u get to kno me." He also claimed to "'keep cake in da pockets," which I hope isn't what this site tells me it is...

Name: Mikhail Marinovich
Hometown: New Berlin, NY
Position: DE
Recruiting Note: Mikhail is motivated for sure..."Whatever position, I'm shooting to be the best. I'm not shooting just to start."
Unique Nugget of Information: Why yes, that is his brother.

Name: Marcus Sales
Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Position: WR
Recruiting Note: The #2-ranked NY State prospect behind Collier.
Unique Nugget of Information: Sales and Collier have become good friends and that likely influenced his decision to come to SU.

Name: Romale Tucker
Hometown: New Berlin, NY
Position: LB
Recruiting Note: Tucker originally committed to play for Virginia back in 2006. Five months later, he changed his mind and pledged to Syracuse.
Unique Nugget of Information: You can thank his mother for that.

You can see the rest of the recruits on Rivals or SUAthletics as the list continues to grow during the day. While I don't have the time to single out everyone I would like to take the time to give some notice to a certain few...
  • "How'd He End Up In Syracuse, NY?": Austin Wallis from Overland Park, Kansas