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Wiener Tragedy Narrowly Averted, Giggle-Inducing Quotes Not

It's not every day that a Wienermobile story falls in my lap but when it does, you can be sure I'm going to write about it.

Seems the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was at SU last Friday and Saturday promoting their "A Weekend with the Wienermobile" contest. When it was over, the not-at-all phallic automobile headed south towards Penn State on Sunday. However the weather was harsher than expected and the Wienermobile spun out, getting was disabled on Route 15. Luckily, local police and tow services were able to save the day and avert any other noteworthy instances.

Except for those that were quotable:

"Emily fired up the highway hot dog, and a few well-timed tugs later, the Wienermobile was back on the highway."

"...that's the first wiener I've ever pulled out."

"It was a first for the women, too."

It's like my grandma always said... 'The real money's in the dick and fart jokes.' She was a church lady. -
Chasing Amy