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Thumpin' Along

Good news for those of us who have kept a close eye on the professional career of former SU fullback Keith "Thump" Belton.

If you don't remember, get caught up on the
Free Thump Belton movement. The movement was ultimately squashed in Denver and then in Detriot. But Thump lived to play another day and that day is now and that place is Georgia. According to Donnie Webb, the Force of the AFL have signed Belton and he's joined them in their training camp.

A quick look at the
roster shows that Belton is among three FBs on the list, although he's the only one who isn't also listed as a LB. Since the AFL prides itself of multi-position players, we'll have to wait and see if Thump will be thumping from the other side of the ball as well. Also on the roster is Steve Franklin, an O-lineman from the Orange.

And so we wait. Bookmark those Georgia Force jersey pages now cause you might be placing an order for Belton #00 very soon.