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Thank You, Romale

Yesterday, as I was writing up my National Letter of Intent wrap-up, I was lost in thought. Furiously typing away, I zoned out and had my head down towards the keypad and away from the screen. As I typed the name of incoming recruit Romale Tucker, I was IMed by a female friend and the following conversation ensued...

Acquaintance: hey sean
TNIAAM: male tucker
FemaleAcquaintance: haha
TNIAAM: whoa
FemaleAcquaintance: oops did i interrupt
FemaleAcquaintance: sorry
TNIAAM: haha
TNIAAM: that should be romale tucker, but that's neither here not there. Sorry, sports talk. What's up
FemaleAcquaintance: anyways...REDACTED BUSINESS TALK
FemaleAcquaintance: hahaha
TNIAAM: ok cool, thanks
FemaleAcquaintance: romale tucker
FemaleAcquaintance: right
FemaleAcquaintance: lol

Look at the desperation when I realize that she's caught me typing the words "male tucker" randomly onto my computer. "Sports talk?" Jesus, I might as well have just forwarded her links to porn sites I was ogling.

I spent the rest of the day following this train of thought:

1. I wonder what she thinks a "male tucker" is.
2. I wonder what she thinks I am doing writing about a "male tucker" and how it's a part of my life.
3. Does she think I'm a "male tucker" and if so, am I good at it?
4. Once she figured out what a "male tucker" was, did she think about what makes it different to a "female tucker?" Cause I'd like to see that.