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A Tale Of Two Jims

Not too long ago, Syracuse-UConn looked like a poorly planned addition to Rivalry Week that would decide nothing other than give us extra insight into who will be the #9 seed in the Big East Tournament. An SU three-game winning streak and UConn five-game winning streak later and all of a sudden this is a match-up between a ranked team and their bitter rival looking to state their cases for national consideration.

the rest of the country might be concerned with that game in North Carolina, Orange and Husky fans know the importance of winning this one. Even if they're not the team SU fans think of first when they think of hated rival, if Georgetown is #1, then UConn might as well be #1A. For the Orange, a win is a signal to the nation that the Orange are officially under consideration for an NCAA bid and, in the meantime, a ranking. For UConn, it would be another notch in their belt on their return to respectability.

The Huskies will be trying to do it without Jerome Dyson, who remains on indefinite suspension after he and teammate Doug Wiggins were
caught with alcohol on campus last week. Of course, if it were up to Coach Calhoun, Dyson would probably still be out there. It's just that his pesky A.D. had to get in the way with all his "ethics."

The winning coach will take the lead in the all-time wins department, both Jims are currently at #10 on the list with 767 wins.

I'm gonna back Brian from Orange44 who that despite the odds, the Orange are due for a huge win in front of the home crowd. How does Syracuse 79, UConn 77 sound? Whatever the final score, this certainly is expected to be a great one.

As for how the gambling world views the match-up...

Is "Get Addicted" really the best slogan for something called Gamblers Television?