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Syracuse Qualifies For The Tournament*

Oh, did you think I was talking about the NCAA Tournament? No, no, my sweet prince, just the Big East Tournament.

Hey, take what you can get these days.

As those who follow the Last One Sitting saga, you know that Rutgers and South Florida has already pretty much played their way into an early end of the season already. But Providence and St. John's (both 4-11) still clung to a little hope. They still do, just not as much as before:
With St. John’s losing to Georgetown, the 13th place team (the last one not to qualify for the tourney) can be no better than 7-11. If Syracuse loses out, the Orange would finish 7-11, but would hold the tiebreaker over St. John’s and Providence, if say, one of those teams wins out. Syracuse defeated both earlier this year.
The only other team left that could find themselves on the outside looking in is DePaul (5-10). The Blue Demons will have no easy time of things with Notre Dame, Cincy and Pitt ahead but Providence and St. John's have it no easier. We'll check in on Monday and see how the bottom is shaping up.

Photo Credit:
Bob Eckstein