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Syracuse Is Just A Feeder School For Delaware State

Not everyone is excited about Syracuse's incoming recruiting class and the growth of its experienced returning players. Lost in all of this is the plight of the bench player. With touted fresh faces looking to take their spots on the depth chart, what are the veteran back-ups to do?

transfer of course! Strong safety Donta Herrod and cornerback Quinton Brown have transferred from SU to Delaware State where they expect the chance to start. Both will have one year of eligibility left and both will play this year since the move doesn't require a year out.

The Orange are losing some defensive backfield experience, but not enough to cry over. Herrod only played in four games last year and made 11 tackles in three seasons. Brown, who was a wide receiver his first two seasons at Syracuse, eventually moved to defense and played 11 games at corner last season but didn't have too much impact.

Head coach Al Lavan has become something of a Syracuse cherry-picker, having now grabbed five transfers in all from Syracuse during this tenure, including the team's starting running back Kareem Jones and safety Reggie McCoy.
"When you bring a guy in from those so-called major schools, you expect them to bring ability," Lavan said. "But you also expect them to be leaders, guys who can benefit the program. The guys here that came from [Syracuse] have done that for us."
"So-called major schools?" I know Appalachian State beat Michigan and all but let's not get too full of ourselves. You're talking about a program that has defeated Buffalo four-straight times, thank you very much.

Of course, the lesson here is...can somebody please stop letting Al Lavan into the SU dorms? Or at least ask him to sign in first so we can keep tabs on him...