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  • Part II of AEM's Syracuse Recruiting wrap-up is up...The Axeman
  • Checking in with Delone Carter and his ball joint...Donnie Webb
  • Syracuse's coaching trash is Washington's coaching treasure...Seattle Times
  • Men's lacrosse previews! Get your men's lacrosse previews!...The Axeman
Please excuse the lack of posts today. I'm a little under the weather and unable to formulate elongated opinions regarding ex-Orange coaches and the like. I promise to rest up all weekend and return on Monday awake and anew with the velveteen touch of a dandy fop. (reference, anyone?)

In the meantime, enjoy this video of a few Syracuse students foregoing their security deposit: what point did putting a Scarface-related poster on your college dorm/apartment wall become required? Then, at what point did doing so become ironic? Then, at what point did it cease being ironic and become unironic again? And are we now at a point where it is both unironic and ironic at the same time? Discuss...