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ScoopWatch: Day Whatever It's Been

The whole Scoop Jardine suspension issue is done. StolenIDCardCampusDeliveryDennysGate is a closed case. Scoop paid the price for Robert Washington, his 40-year-old cousin, and now everyone can move on the wiser for it. Scoop can continue playing basketball, Syracuse can continue shrouding its judicial policy in secrecy, Jim Boeheim can get agita over other things during his press conferences and Washington can go home to Philadelphia.

Ah, if only it were that easy. Courtesy of
The Axeman, the Post-Standard is reporting that Washington was arrested for trespassing on campus property on Friday.

Assistant District Attorney Robert DeMarco and defense lawyer James McGraw both said Monday that Washington had been warned by campus security officials after his arrest last week to stay off campus property...According to DeMarco, Washington was spotted outside the building at 241 Winding Ridge Road about 4:15 p.m. Friday...Because that is campus property, Washington was arrested by SU security officials and charged with trespass, the prosecutor said...Washington indicated to authorities he was looking for a place to stay when he was caught on campus. McGraw said Washington was trying to find someone from whom to borrow some money so he could get something to eat and then leave town.

For all that is holy, if anyone cares at all about Scoop and his development as a young man and a basketball player, please send Robert a bus ticket POST HASTE! Honestly, it sounds like the guy is SOL and I feel bad about that, but c'mon now. You've already stirred up a hornet's nest the first time around, the least you can do out of courtesy to your way-too-accommodating cousin is to look elsewhere for some cash. As long as it's not Denny's.

Washington goes back in front of a judge on Thursday, at which point he'll probably be placed on a bus back to Philly where he can enjoy cheesesteaks from the privacy of his own home. At least let's hope so for Scoop's (and the SU basketball team's) sake...