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The Road To Toronto Is Paved With Good Intentions

Book those plane tickets, the football schedule has been released!

Sat., Aug. 30 at Northwestern
Sat., Sept. 6 Akron

Sat., Sept. 13 Penn State

Sat., Sept. 20 Northeastern

Sat., Sept. 27 PITTSBURGH

Sat., Oct. 11 at WEST VIRGINIA
Sat., Oct. 18 at USF


Sat., Nov. 8 at RUTGERS

Sat., Nov. 22 at Notre Dame

Sat., Nov. 29 at CINCINNATI

God, I hate to be so...positive, but, there's a good chance at 3-1 before the Big East schedule starts, right? At the very least 2-2 looks feasible. I don't know about you but I'd take that.

The Orange stay home for the whole month of September. Even against some decent opponents, that's only going to help.

October's a strange month for us. No home games. Two bye weeks. As the
D.O. Sports Blog points out, what about Homecoming? I guess that's the Louisville game then?

My ridiculously early prediction based on nothing but gut feeling? 5-7. The truly scary part? That would be enough for Greg Robinson to get a contract extension. Fech.