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Power Pollin' 2/4

The conference is kinda, sorta but not really taking shape. Here's my votes for this week's Big East Bloggers Power Poll:

1. Georgetown
2. Notre Dame

3. UConn

4. Marquette

5. Louisville

6. Pittsburgh

7. Syracuse

8. West Virginia
9. Seton Hall
10. Cincy

11. Villanova
12. DePaul
13. Providence

14. St. Johns
15. Rutgers

16. South Florida

I was going to put West Virginia over Syracuse but I just can't in good conscious put us behind a team that scores 39 points. The actual poll should be up shortly.

My Player of the Week was Paul Harris (duh) and my Frosh of the Week was Donte Greene, who was solid if not spectacular in both games. The Big East gave the nod to
Notre Dame's Luke Harangody who I suppose did have a more consistent week with 31 and 29 point performances. The conference did at least agree with me that Greene deserved the nod and Harris deserved some kudos.

In the
ESPN Poll, Syracuse will officially play a ranked team this Wednesday as the Huskies enter the poll at #19. Otherwise Georgetown stays steady at #6, Marquette is #16, Notre Dame is #21 and Pittsburgh holds on for dear life at #25. Louisville recieved some votes as well.

Speaking of, Villanova received two votes in the coaches poll. Um...I didn't realize Rollie Massimino and Steve Lappas still voted.

(AP Photo/Rusty Kennedy)