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Notre Dame Drinks Syracuse's Milkshake. They Drink It Up.

So, Syracuse broke out the blue unis for the first time in 20 years, huh? Figured Coach Boeheim learned his lesson last time:
The last time Syracuse wore blue uniforms was on Feb. 28, 1988 at Kentucky. Syracuse lost that game 62-58 and Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim vowed never to wear blue uniforms again.
Guess it'll be another 20 years before the next go-round. The Blue Orange lost to the Fighting Irish 94-87 on Sunday. When the Irish beat us, it's usually via the three-pointer and this was no exception. Kyle McAlarney hit 9-of-11 three-pointers to break the school record for 3s in a game and finished with 30 points.

There's a stand-up bit about what it must have been like in the Knicks' huddle late in the game when Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points against them. One of the players leans in and says "Um...who's got Wilt? Maybe we should start guarding him?" Whenever we play Notre Dame and one of their players lights us up with threes, I feel like that conversation keeps happening, only no one remembers that it's happened before. Take what the Axeman points out here:
McAlarney broke the school record of eight three's set by Keith Friel against Syracuse in 1998, matched by Matt Carroll against Syracuse in 2003, and matched twice by Colin Falls in 2005-06.
So, um, yeah...we probably should have guarded that guy.

For the most part the Orange were never really in the game. A late rush got them within two but the Irish closed the door with free throw shooting. Paul Harris led Syracuse with 22 points and 12 rebounds. Arinze Onuaku had 19 points and 12 rebounds, Jonny Flynn added 17 points and Kristof Ongenaet had 11.

The Don'te Shoot T-Shirt has officially taken over the Don'te Leave T-Shirt in terms of sales after another abysmal day for Greene. He scored a season-low five points before fouling out with 5:54 left.

For those who think SU is still within striking distance of the NCAA Tournament, I give you the record of 17-11 (7-8). I don't care what the bracketesiologists say, we're not in the tournament right now. With three games remaining before the Big East Tournament, the Orange will need to win them all to match last season's conference win total...and even that wasn't good enough then. Can they do that with Donte Greene playing the way he is? Can they do that with their depth? Can they do it against a solid Pitt team, a frisky Seton Hall and a ranked-Marquette? We've got the week to mull it over and then we'll know for sure on Saturday.

(Photo Credit: AP)