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Longing For The Days Of Sudden Impact

Last year, the slogan for the SU football team was "Sudden Impact," a choice that was less than appealing to the SU community, especially when said impact ending up being a 2-win season. By comparison though, it's miles ahead of "‘Get on the Express," which may just be the 2008 rallying cry.
All Orange football fans are invited to ‘Get on the Express’ to the Dome as Greg Robinson’s football team is on the move and ready to go.
"On the move and ready to go?" Gack...I just threw up in my mouth. It all sounds a little too "Hooray For America" for me.

Of course, if this is the 2008 slogan, it has a little bit of a double meaning. I'll let DOCTOR G explain:
"The University and the Orange football community have a lot to look forward to this Fall with the 2008 football team as the young talent emerges to the forefront. Also this Fall marks the premier of the Ernie Davis story, ‘The Express.’ It looks to be an exciting time for football fans."
Something tells me we might as well start calling ourselves "The Syracuse Orange presented by Universal Pictures' The Express, in theaters October 4th." Let the co-promoting synergy begin!