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Last One Sitting 2/25

Every week until the Big East Tournament, TNIAAM is keeping track of who will be the Last Team Sitting. In essence, who will join South Florida, Rutgers and St. John's on the outside looking in when the Big East Tournament ends. Here was last week's standings:

*St. John's (4-9, 10-14)
Seton Hall (5-8, 15-11) 1.0 GB
DePaul (5-7, 10-14) 1.5 GB
Villanova (5-7, 15-9) 1.5 GB

For all intents and purposes, Rutgers (2-13, 10-18) and South Florida (2-12, 11-16) have punched their tickets to the couch to watch the Big East Tournament. Although, the two will play each other on Saturday so at least one of them will inch a little father up the flagpole.

Providence (4-11, 13-14) and St. John's (4-10, 10-16) are currently battling it out for the honor of being the best 4-win team in the Big East. The Friars, losers of five straight, have the much easier road ahead, with games against Cincy and Nova but they also have a showdown with UConn.

Norm Robert's Johnnies, losers of four straight, have to match-up against Georgetown, Seton Hall, West Virginia and Notre Dame. The smart money is that the Red Storm are a lock to miss the tourney while the Friars have a slim chance to climb out.

That'll mostly come down to what DePaul (5-9, 10-16) can do in the next couple weeks. The Blue Demons, who have lost 7 of 8, have West Virginia, Notre Dame, Cincy and Pitt ahead so they can't expect to climb too much higher.

My guess is that the Johnnies are DOA, the Friars still have a little bit of life in them and the Blue Demons are going to make it close. Seton Hall (6-8, 16-11) also has an outside shot but with a schedule that includes South Florida, St. John's, Syracuse and Rutgers, the Pirates should have no problem making the BET.

Current Last One Sitting Standings:

St. John's (4-10, 10-16)
DePaul (5-9, 10-16) 1.0 GB

Seton Hall
(6-8, 16-11) 2.0 GB