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Last One Sitting 2/19

Every week until the Big East Tournament, TNIAAM is keeping track of who will be the Last Team Sitting. In essence, who will join South Florida, Rutgers and St. John's on the outside looking in when the Big East Tournament ends. Here was last week's standings:

*Providence (4-7, 13-10)
Villanova (4-7, 14-9) 0.5 GB
DePaul (5-6, 10-13) 1.0 GB
Seton Hall (5-6, 15-9) 1.5 GB

Well the whole concept has officially been thrown for a loop. Providence, the team most likely to be named Last Team Sitting just a few weeks ago is now in a position to be one of the guaranteed Sitters. They've lost four straight after going through a murderer's row of Pitt, Louisville and Georgetown and currently preside at 4-10 in the conference.

St. John's benefits from the Friars' free-fall but they're not in the clear yet. Losses to Cincy and Nova not only keep them close to the bottom but helped those teams create space from the cellar dwellers.

Instead, Seton Hall and DePaul seem to be making a run towards the bottom. The Hall have lost five straight. DePaul has lost five of six. Something will have to give when the two teams play each other Saturday. The Blue Demons have to get by UConn first...good luck with that.

Don't count the Wildcats out yet though. Nova righted the ship with a win over the Johnnies but they've got a rough schedule coming up and they're not likely to win many more games.

And so, the Last One Sitting is currently...St John's. Congrats to the Johnnies for breathing a little life into their season. Or at least getting out of the way while the Friars keep falling...

St. John's (4-9, 10-14)
Seton Hall (5-8, 15-11) 1.0 GB
DePaul (5-7, 10-14) 1.5 GB
Villanova (5-7, 15-9) 1.5 GB

(AP Photo/Rich Schultz)