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Just What We Need...More Dick

To get appropriately pumped up for the impending SU-UConn showdown, head on over to Nick's 2 Cents for a rundown of every classic game in the recent history of this rivalry. Tonight is Nick's first time missing an Orange-Husky clash since 1997 but we know he'll be there in spirit.

You know who won't be there in spirit? Dick Vitale. That's cause
Dick is returning to work (you mean you haven't heard???) to call the Duke-UNC game (natch) that immediately follows our contest. I'm sure Dicky is all broken up inside that he can't be at the Carrier Dome tonight. I mean, since he puts the same amount of effort into researching and knowing every team like he knows the Duke Blue Devils, right? Nick recalls a Post-Standard article after the Jan. 24, 2000 game in which Syracuse won 88 - 74 that illustrates such a point:
As Calhoun called his second timeout of the game, Syracuse point guard Jason Hart stopped at midcourt, froze and stared at ESPN announcer Dick Vitale.

"I was looking at him in amazement because I know he had to be amazed at what happened tonight," Hart said. "Honestly, he had to be amazed. We wanted to come out and make a statement.
"He didn't give me no reaction,"

Hart continued. "He don't know none of our players. He don't know none of our bench. He don't know anything about our team.
Yep folks, there's your ambassador for the sport. Glad to have him back.

And for the record, Jason Hart was a Speech Communications major. Notch another win for the leading student-centered research facility!