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Just Give It To-Morrow (See What I Did There?)

Erica Morrow hasn't updated her blog in a few days but something tells me she's got plenty to write about after last night's 68-67 win over Georgetown. Morrow hit a three with 25 seconds remaining to put the Orange up for good as they avenged a loss from a few weeks back to the Hoyas. The Orange are now 21-6 (9-5) and in three-way tie for fifth in the Big East with Louisville and Pittsburgh.

The Orange have a huge test ahead this weekend when they travel to No. 4 Rutgers on Saturday. While you look forward to that one, make sure you also look forward to whatever headline SUAthletics can come up with. If it's anything like
the one for the G'town game, it'll be good times.

"Revenge is a dish best served orange?" What does that even mean???