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Introducing The iBod

"Three Syracuse University students take Apple's iBod Personal Media Suit out for a beta test." That's all you need to know, now you watch.

My favorite parts:

1.57 - There were always weird characters hanging out in the computer labs to begin with. The thought of walking into one at 10pm and seeing a Tool Video extra sitting at a nearby station just puts it over the top.

2:22 - "You have to go to Kimmel"/"Well, you'll have to go to Schine." Syracuse University, where one study center's trash is another study center's treasure.

3:37 - Walking past a bunch of parents and kids on a campus tour. Something about the nonchalant demeanor of the guys AND the tour guide AND the parents AND the student cracked me up. It's as if they all decided as a group to pretend it wasn't happening.