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He'll Be Defensive Coordinator By August

William Reinier is an "opinionated Junior at Syracuse University" who enjoys "sports and talking." Reinier also works for the SU football team. Oh, and he's blogging about it.

The Diary of a Syracuse Manager is, well, exactly what it claims to be. The writings and wanton thoughts of he who is charged with "handling all of the responsibilities of the Head Manager for Syracuse Football." I don't know exactly what that entails but then again that's the point of the blog now isn't it?

Up until recently, Will was working specifically with RB Coach Randy Trivers. Even so, he had his heart set on being the Head Manager when he started the blog on January 6th. It didn't take too long...
Yesterday, our head guy dropped the ball and slept through morning agilities. Needed someone to step up, I was informed that from now on I would be handling all of the responsibilities of the Head Manager for Syracuse Football. It is a really great opportunity and will give me a chance to further myself in the world of football, which is conveniently my first love. Friday will mark my first official day and I can not wait for it to get here.
I'm waiting with baited breath for each post from Will. Of course I want to get the inside scoop about what's going on behind the scenes with the football team (How many times does Greg say "gosh darn" during practice? which player mysteriously comes down with a broken leg after talking back to Dan Conley? whose jock strap refuses to lose that stale ballsack smell no matter how much you wash it?) but more than that I'm counting the days until DOCTOR Daryl Gross catches wind of this and shuts it down. SU Athletics seemed to take umbrage with the content on Erica Morrow's tame blog, how do you think you're gonna feel about a blog that grants unfiltered access to the football program?

Will, my lips are sealed. Now let loose...

(By the way, Will's not kidding. He really does love sports and talking. Peep his letter to the D.O. editor about fan support for the lax team. Fired up!)

(Update: Apparently DOCTOR Gross saw it. The blog is already down)