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Gerry Heads For The Land That Sings

You know the old saying. If at first you don't succeed in Greece, try Latvia! And so
Gerry is doing just that, according to Mike Waters, signing on to play for Ventspils (who have already showcased Gerry's arrival on their homepage). According to McNamara's agent, Ventspils is "a top 50 European team" and "competes in several leagues, including the Baltic League and the Latvian League." All this says to me is that I have no understanding of how European basketball works, but I'll trust Gerry to handle himself.

Ventspils the city is located in northwestern Latvia on the Baltic Sea coast, which sounds kinda nice (right?). The team has two other American players, Jimmy Baxter (USF) and Justin Love (St. Louis University), won the Latvian League championship from '00 - '06 and finished in 3rd (I think) in the ULEB Cup, for what it's worth.

Get acquainted with the Latvian powerhouse with a look at their greatest hits, which is soon to include some sort of last-second desperation three point shot from Gerry to win one of those many championships.