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Don'te Stop Now

The Don'te Leave T-shirt is the hottest accessory on Syracuse's campus since the "Who Wants To Sex Seikely?" T-shirt craze of 1989. But I fear we've lulled ourselves into a false sense of security. Sure, a $17.99 orange piece of fabric is sure to entice Donte Greene to stay one more year at SU, but will he have any teammates left when he comes back?

Are you so sure Jonny Flynn isn't moving on after this year? Think you really know if Scoop Jardine wants to remain in a city where a cheesesteak-crazed 40-year-old cousin isn't welcome? Are you positive Andy Rautins isn't considering transferring to Canada University*?

That's why I'm suggesting we don't stop with just Donte t-shirts. We need to show each and every one of the returning guys that they are appreciated and needed and must fulfill their obligations to the university, the fans and themselves. Below are just a few humble suggestions...

*I'm pretty sure that doesn't exist.