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The DOCTOR Gross Pyramid Of Success

Earlier today I shared the announcement about the SU Women's Ice Hockey Team which was really an announcement to remind us what a bang-up job DOCTOR Daryl Gross is doing. To remind you (and cause you're too lazy to scroll), let me highlight the crown jewel of the article:
Since coming to Syracuse in 2005, Dr. Gross has assembled one of the best coaching staffs in the country. In addition to basketball Hall of Famer Jim Boeheim and three-time national champion lacrosse coach John Desko, Gross has brought aboard lacrosse legend Gary Gait and French Open tennis champion Luke Jensen to assemble what he calls a "Nobel Prize-Winning" staff.
You may or may not be aware that Syracuse has more than four athletic programs currently running and therefore has more than four coaches, most of whom were not privy enough to make it to"Nobel Prize-Winning" level. I decided to do some snooping and I was able to locate a top secret document that broke down exactly where each of the SU coaches fell on the DOCTOR Daryl Gross Pyramid Of Success™.

"Nobel Prize Winner" Level
Jim Boeheim, Men's Basketball (National Champion, 31 years of service, school icon)
John Desko, Men's Lacrosse (3-time National Champion, hasn't smiled in 32 years)
Gary Gait, Women's Lacrosse (2 lifetime coaching wins, living legend)
Luke Jensen, Women's Tennis (won the French Open, which is cool)

"Pulitzer Prize Winner" Level
Jian Pu, Women's V-ball (
six 20-plus win seasons, 383 career wins)
Chris Fox, Cross Country/Track & Field (According to Gross, "
his teams will be national powers in the future")
Lou Walker, Swimming & Diving (31 seasons, f
ive-time Big East Coach of the Year)

"Grammy Award For Best Jazz Performance By a Duo or Group with Vocal Winner" Level
Quentin Hillsman, Women's Basketball (2nd season, turning the program into a winner)
Kris Sanford, Women's Rowing (10 seasons)
Dean Foti, Men's Soccer (16 seasons, 124 victories)

"Clio Award Winner" Level
Ange Bradley, Field Hockey (2nd year)
Leigh Ross, Softball (2nd year)
Dave Reischman, Men's Rowing (4th year)

"Darwin Award Winner" Level
Greg Robinson, Football (4th year...can you believe it?)