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It was supposed to be a memorable season for Eric Devendorf and in that regard, it has been. Except, tearing an ACL and spending the year rehabbing probably wasn't on his list of top ten ways I want to spend 2008.

Devo sat down with Donna Ditota for a candid discussion about his injury and what it's been like not being able to play.
"The lower part of my leg was just burning," he remembers. "I felt the crunch. I heard it. And when I heard that, I knew something bad happened."
A few weeks back we wondered aloud about the medical redshirt status of Devo and thankfully the article also clears up that he will be eligible, SU postseason or not:
He wants to apply for a medical redshirt to extend his Syracuse career. Erlease Wagner, SU’s director of compliance, said Devendorf will be eligible to apply for a medical waiver after the season, regardless of whether his team competes in the Big East Tournament...Devendorf played in 10 games. To be eligible for a medical hardship waiver, the petitioning athlete cannot compete in more than 30 percent of his team’s athletic contests. SU will play 31 games during the regular season. That equates to 9.3 games, but the NCAA rounds up to the next number when considering medical hardship cases.
So, we know we've at least got one guy returning next season. In the meantime Devo continues to help out where he can with the team. Most importantly though it's all about the rehab.