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Conley Bringing Sexy Back To SU Football

He wore a beautiful camel hair coat, white shirt and burnt Orange tie. Yeah, it was a tad corporate and hit the 270-pound fram. But the bald shaved head and those unforgettable blue eyes cut through the chase. Man, it was great to see Dan Conley back at Syracuse University...
Somebody get Donnie Webb a cold towel.

One thing I forgot to note this morning but Axe was naturally all over...where's the love for Derrick Jackson? Conley gets gushed over by Coach Robinson and the press release while the co-defensive coordinator, arguably the #3 most important coach on the team, gets a passing mention:
What sticks out to me is that Conley is the bigger deal here. When else could you ever say that the linebacker coach is a bigger deal than the defensive coordinator....Call me crazy, but isn't the defensive coordinator a bigger deal than the linebackers coach?
Conley will get all the love now but if the team gets off to a rocky start defensively, watch how quickly everyone's focus shifts to Jackson. Perhaps Jackson should be happy that his promotion coincides with the arrival of Conley after all.