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Come For The Lacrosse, Stay For The Tapesty Of Sonic Power

It's Laxapalooza this weekend, but you already knew that. SU's biggest and brightest names are reuniting...Gait!...Powell!!!...and, uh...Powell!!!

IF you're a lacrossnik, you can certainly do a lot worse than a free event that features:
  • A scrimmage by the men's lacrosse team
  • A youth clinic for your kids whom you're forcing into the sport since your banking on them getting a full ride to Hobart cause God knows you ain't gonna be able to afford college by then.
  • A shooting demonstration by Gary Gait, Paul Gait and Mike Powell.
I know what you're saying. "TNIAAM, I'm an avid music-lover but I don't care much for lacrosse, especially since I heard its an Indian sport and my pastor tells me they're the devil's children. What should I do?"

Number one, convert. But that's a story for a different time. Number two, come on down to Laxapalooza anyway cause there's a Fan Fun Zone(!!!) for everyone to enjoy. And, music lover, there will be a live performance by the band Villains Trust, who just so happens to be fronted by SU lacrosse legend Mike(y) Powell.

"But TNIAAM, what kind of music does Villains Trust play? I have a very discerning ear."

Well why don't you turn down the Radiohead for a few minutes, Fauntleroy, and give their website a little spin. Or if you want to jump right into it, peep this aural sensation...

"But TNIAAM, that's all well and good but I don't just listen to music, I need to feel the artist flowing through me..."

Stop talking to me. But if you insist, let's get to know Villains Trust a little better via their website bio:

"Having discovered and enlisted the talents of three Syracuse-native musicians...the time has come for [Mike] Powell's creative impulses to find a powerful outlet. Together this promising outfit has taken their individual talents and a broad spectrum of influences, and woven a tapestry of sonic power around Powell's soulful voice and story-telling lyrical style."

I don't know exactly what it all means except that if you're going this weekend, try to grab a little bit of that tapestry on your way out. Can you say eBay???