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Clearly, Whoever Was Behind That Defense Deserved A Promotion

There's an eerie, serene calm to the Syracuse football program at the moment. We've just recruited a solid base of athletes to help rebuild and remold the program into a winner. We have the knowledge that our veterans are a year older and a year wiser. Greg Robinson is speaking and he's making cogent, coherent points...sometimes. Things are right on schedule on the way to our mid-April spring practices. Nothing can stop this train. Nothing except maybe the removal of an integral part of the program in a sudden way that forces the entire team to start over.


Defensive coordinator Steve Russ in en route to Wake Forest where he will take on "yet to be determined" role on Jim Grobe's staff. Russ played for Grobe when he was coach as Air Force.

So is Robinson going back to serving as his own defensive coordinator just as he did the two years before Russ took over? Hard to say just yet as Greggers has decided to wait until the end of the week to make a call. In the meantime, he has vague praise for Russ and even vaguer statements about the future of the program:
"Steve was dedicated to our program and worked hard to help us build the program to take it in the direction we want to go."
Well, not that dedicated...
This is an opportunity for me to enhance our program toward our needs at this time."
What? Seriously, read that statement again. What the hell does that mean? What needs where you enhancing before this happened?

I have no idea if this is a good thing or not. Was the defense so horrible this year because of Russ or because of the talent? But I know that just like that, Greg is Greg again. And THAT is no good.